Friday, September 23, 2016

The Burial Canal of Dianne Masters

She thought she had met a man that loved her deeply.  She imagined a fairy tale life with her prince.  She longed for the days of riding into the sunset with her soul mate.


Dianne met and dated Alan for some time.  He was a very impressive man, known by many.  As a divorce attorney in Cook County, he had power, and along with that, wealth.  Most police officers knew Alan very well.  What they kept to themselves was the fact that Alan was very proficient at making "problems" go away.  He had so many judges and police officials in his back pocket.  His generous payments to these law officials let some illegal activities continue to flourish.  His many connections made him a very valuable friend to those in the mob.  

Dianne did not know that Alan was married, and had two children.  When she found out, she was furious.  Alan told her that his marriage was not good, and that he only loved her.  She hung onto their relationship until he divorced his wife...TEN YEARS LATER.  She must have really loved him.

Their Marriage Years :

Dianne and Alan often met up with his friends for dinner.  It has been said that his friends propositioned her for sex.  Of course, she declined.  What kind of woman was she, after all.  But Alan did not appreciate her loyalty to him.  He supposedly got upset with her denial of "services" to his friends, and proceeded to beat her when they arrived home.

This evidently happened quite frequently, and it always ended the same way...he would apologize and shower her in lavish gifts.  But when she found him stepping out on her with other women, she threatened divorce.

Once again his anger would get the better of him.  He would beat her, and threaten that she would never be able to leave him....alive, that is.   He even threatened the lives of her parents.  If Dianne had friends in their home, it did not stop him from beating her.  They witnessed the brute that he was.

While he did not appreciate the first pregnancy of hers, demanding her to abort...she became pregnant again, and hid it from him until it was too late to abort.  That condition did not stop him from his brutal beatings.  Dianne gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, and the beatings continued.

Working in the community, Dianne met a wonderful man who treated her very well, with respect and dignity.  They soon became involved, and Alan's friends had seen the couple together.  They told Alan that his wife was seeing another man. When she returned home that day, it would be the last time anyone saw her....alive.  Alan beat her  badly and placed her body in the trunk of her car.

Masters knew the police chief of Willow Springs very well.  He told the chief that Dianne wanted to divorce him and she had been seeing another man.  He said she could not get away that easily, so he beat her and put her into the trunk of her car.  The chief opened the trunk and shot Dianne in the head.
He then drove off in Dianne's car, with her in the trunk.

Alan had reported Dianne as a missing person several days later.  No one had any idea what had happened to her. All of her colleagues were baffled.  No one had seen or heard from her. Some knew that Alan had dealings with the mob and there were whispers that perhaps that had something to do with her vanishing suddenly.

Nine months later, while the police were dredging the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal, they found Dianne's car, with her in the trunk.  They were pulling 41 cars out of the canal that had been reported stolen, or had been used in various crimes. Dianne's body was examined, showing bullet wounds to the head and a crushed skull.

The detectives did their work very well, and both Alan Masters and the Willow Springs  police chief were charged and found guilty of the murder of Dianne Masters.  Alan was given 40 years, and the police chief was given 20 years.

The former police chief published a book with the nephew of Sam Giancana. He died of lung cancer at the age of 60.  Alan Masters died at the age of 65 while incarcerated at a federal prison.

Dianne Masters, late wife of Alan Masters. Last seen driving her 1978 yellow and white Cadillac in the southwest suburbs of Chicago after meeting with members of  community college board on March 19, 1982. Her remains were found in December of 1983.
Former police chief, Michael Corbitt, sentenced to 20 years after being found guilty of being involved in the disappearance and murder of Dianne Masters, wife of Corbitt's friend, Alan Masters. Corbitt wrote Double Deal with Sam Giancana, nephew of the reputed mob boss of the same name.

stories about this murder can be found in various newspapers across the internet.  most are found in 1982 and 1983 about Dianne's disappearance and body recovery.


  1. Dianne Masters was so sweet and so pretty. Her bastard of a husband didn't deserve someone as gorgeous as her. Oh he was so cruel and so violent and his vicious temper was uncontrollable.