Saturday, January 2, 2016

Welcome to Friday's Fallen Acorns and Other Nuts


I have started this new blog to complement my first blog,

In my years of research I have come across some very interesting characters.  Some are my relatives, and others are collateral relations.

All of the persons mentioned are deceased.

The Persons of Interest in these stories have been involved in Murder, Conspiracy, Extortion, Kidnapping, Bombings and many other incidents.  Their stories have begun with a news article, a police report and death certificates.  Research follows.

The stories are all a part of history.  There will be no attempt to discredit any persons.  All stories are open to discussion, as long as respectful language is used.

If anyone would like to add information to any of the stories that I post, please do so.  I have learned that there are many sides to a story, and keeping each other informed is beneficial for all.

New posts will be added each Friday.

Looking forward to sharing some very interesting characters and their stories with you.

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